ExCeL LONDON, 24 & 25 November 2017, 9.30am - 4pm

The UK's biggest jobs and careers event

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Get Skilled


You’ll see Get Skilled stands all around the event. Bringing the world of work to life, these stands offer fun and interactive activities which are linked to real jobs that you can do an apprenticeship in. It’s a great chance to try new skills, take testing challenges and learn about all the options open to you in London.

Below are some of the highlights from Skills London 2016. Further details about Skills London 2017 will be updated soon.

Get Skilled in Science, Technology, Engineering & Manufacturing

Get Skilled 1: Westminster Kingsway College
Suit up, grab some tools and learn some construction, electrical and plumbing skills from the industry professionals. With a shortage of qualified people working in construction in London, now’s the time to think about taking a course in the industry. 

Get Skilled 2: Lambeth College
Try out some of the latest dental equipment used by dentists to get those pearly whites and discover if a course in Dental Technology is for you. 

Get Skilled 3: Westminster Kingsway College
Create some beats and mix your own track using music technology software, try out 2D stop motion animation used in movies, take your first step into games design technology, discover forensics and take on the maths challenge to win prizes...phew!  

Get Skilled 4: Lambeth College
Roll up your sleeves and learn the art of bricklaying by helping to build an actual wall. See if you have what it takes to be a real brickie.  

Get Skilled 5: Property Needs You
Create your ideal town in 15 minutes to see if a career in property is for you! Learn what it takes to revive and regenerate a town through an interactive model and decide what shape your town will take.  

Get Skilled 6: South Essex College
Don your overalls and immerse yourself in automotive mechanics. Check out a brake rig and an ignition rig and try dismantling and refitting components of a motorcycle engine. 

Get Skilled 7: Heathrow Airport
Meet the Heathrow Engineering Apprentices and see what it’s like to be an engineer at the airport by manoeuvring a replica air bridge to attach it to an aircraft using a genuine air bridge joystick.   

Get Skilled 8: BSix Sixth Form College
Are you a budding biologist, or is physics going to be your future? Find out by taking part in some fun science experiments from the highly qualified teachers. 

Get Skilled in Creative, Hospitality, Retail & Leisure 

Get Skilled 9: Barking & Dagenham College
Beautify yourself with a manicure, relax with a massage, learn the art of media make-up, check out animation and games design work and take part in some fun interactive IT activities. 

Get Skilled 10: Lambeth College
Get a makeover and have your hair beautifully styled by the professionals, or enjoy a mini manicure whilst learning all about what it takes to be a beautician or hair stylist. 

Get Skilled 11: Lambeth College
Master the art of mocktail-making or get your taste buds tingling and see how doughnuts are made. You’ll even have the chance to taste the sweet treats. 

Get Skilled 12: ITV
Be behind the screen and learn how to operate the camera’s used in the ITV news studio, or take centre stage and read the headlines yourself. Lights, camera, action! 

Get Skilled 13: Lambeth College
Take to the skies and participate in a flight safety demo, or test your fitness levels and see how well you do in the rowing or cycling challenges. A course in Sport and Travel could be for you.  

Get Skilled in Business & Finance

Get Skilled 14: NatWest
Good with money? Try your hand at the fun money sense activity or take the personality test to see what area of the business you’re best suited to.  

Get Skilled in Public Services & Health Care

Get Skilled 15: Barnet Southgate College
Using adult dummies, skeletons and wheelchairs, play out scenarios you could encounter if you worked in the health, social care and childcare sector. Take a closer look at the state-of-the-art Telecare & Assisted Living equipment showcasing the advanced technologies used. 

Get Skilled 16: Canterbury Christ Church University – Faculty of Health and Wellbeing
Take part in a CPR competition and see how to carry out the life-saving technique. Learn to take blood pressure and listen to the inside of a chest with an interactive full-size child model set up to display various symptoms.

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