ExCeL LONDON, 23 & 24 November 2018, 9.30am - 4pm

The UK's biggest jobs and careers event

London First, Prospects and Heathrow

Book your family

Booking your family to come along to Skills London is easy. You can visit anytime on Friday or Saturday but most families come along on Saturday. Even if your son or daughter has already been to Skills London with their school or college, you are very welcome to return with them to help them to follow up any ideas or contacts.

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Why should we visit as a family?

Research tells us that you are the most important influencers of your child’s learning and career choices – but do you know what choices are available to your child? How can you support them to make informed choices and find accurate, impartial and up-to-date information about careers, training, courses and qualifications?

Who should you trust to give you the right help and advice? Skills London features employers, colleges, training providers and advisers who offer opportunities for young people getting ready for the next step.

Preparing to get the most from the visit

The choices your child makes now may have an impact on their learning and career route for many years after the event. Encourage him or her to:

  • Talk to the exhibitors.
  • Visit the different stands.
  • Try the activities.
  • Collect information.
  • Ask questions.

Encourage your child to find out more about the companies:

  • What they do.
  • How they recruit and train staff.
  • What they can offer.
  • What they want from students.

Encourage them think about:

  • What options suit them and not just what their friends are doing.
  • Courses and jobs that will challenge them and not just take the easy option.
  • Jobs that may be different from traditional gender roles.
  • Careers that will stretch them but not be unachievable.
  • A back-up plan if they can’t do their “perfect” choice.
  • Where to get further advice, either at school, college or from the National Careers Service website.

Finally remind your child not to be afraid – everyone wants to recruit young people and chat about careers and opportunities. If your child is nervous or shy help them practice an introduction and rehearse asking questions so they have something to say to exhibitors.

After the event

At the event you will have collected leaflets and booklets from the companies. Ask to see and share the information. Most advisers will be happy to meet you again away from the event so you can book appointments or attend open days. If your child was particularly interested in a company get them to contact them directly by email, letter, telephone or through their social media sites.

You can get further advice after the event by talking to teachers at school or college.

Yes we want to book

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