ExCeL LONDON, 23 & 24 November 2018, 9.30am - 4pm

The UK's biggest jobs and careers event

London First, Prospects and Heathrow


Visiting the event is free!

Come along with your school, college, family or friends and get involved in the UK’s biggest jobs and careers event. Hands-on and interactive you’ll discover new careers, skills and jobs that will inspire, motivate and thrill you whatever your ability or ambitions.

Advice for parents and carers visiting Skills London

Young people need a lot of help and advice at this stage in their lives as their choices may have an impact on their options after 16, 18 and throughout their career. 

Do they already have a career in mind? Are they aiming to go to university? Do they understand the advantages of taking an apprenticeship; a real job where you learn and earn at the same time. Talk to them about how their option choices may affect future plans and ask for advice from a careers adviser at the event. Do they appreciate the importance of gaining qualifications and skills? Talk to them about aiming for the highest level of qualifications that they can manage. Skills and qualifications will help them to; make the most of their potential, open doors to higher levels of learning, including higher education and higher levels of apprenticeships, increase the range of jobs they could do, improve their earning power.

Have they thought about the future labour market? Will the jobs that interest them now still be there in the future? Will they have the qualifications and work skills that employers are looking for? Will they have to move away from home to work in their ideal job? Will there be much competition for the jobs they are interested in?  

There are more choices on offer than ever before. Skills London aims to provide young people, parents and careers professional with the information they need to make informed career decisions.

Want to know more: Watch the Skills London video

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