ExCeL LONDON, 23 & 24 November 2018, 9.30am - 4pm

The UK's biggest jobs and careers event

London First, Prospects and Heathrow


Resources for Group Leaders and Careers Professionals

As a valued group attending Skills London, we want to make sure you have everything you need to plan your visit and ensure a successful event. 

Why you should plan your visit

We followed up Skills London by asking students from a wide variety of schools and colleges about their experiences and how the event has influenced their future plans. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, but it was those who had prepared in advance, planned their visit and knew who or what they wanted to see who reported the event as having had the biggest impact on them.

Over a quarter of students reported that they had either changed or modified their plans as a result of attending the show, including adding a back-up plan. A far larger percentage had used the event to discuss real routes and opportunities in their chosen careers and had been able to talk to employers and learning providers about how to achieve their dreams.

We offer a suite of resources below to help you plan and ensure a brilliant and meaningful event for your students.

Skills London lesson plan 

Ensure a successful visit with these essential documents


Evaluate the impact of the event on your students

Ensure you evaluate your students’ feedback and reflect on the impact of their visit to Skills London. You also have the opportunity to contribute to the overall follow up to Skills London.

By sharing feedback from your students using short questionnaires at a couple of key points in the months after your visit. Smaller groups also have the opportunity to participate in focussed activities on one or more aspects of the event. All groups will be rewarded with copies of quality careers resources. Interested? Email fiona.whitewood@prospects.co.uk who will be in touch to explain fully!

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