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London Jobs Market

Are you thinking about your future career and planning the steps you’ll need to take to get you to where you want to be? Do you know what sort of vacancies are on offer now and also how the London job market may change over the next few years?  Do you know that it is vital to have a good basic skills in maths, English and ICT, develop good employability skills, and to carry on learning, training and getting better qualifications throughout your working life?

Working in London today

Every day, many hundreds of thousands of people move into, around, and out of London on their way to work.  The number of jobs is generally increasing at a faster pace than anywhere in the country. London has a higher percentage of workers who are qualified to a high level and who work in well-paid professional occupations than the rest of the UK. Wages tend to be higher in London – but then so does the cost of living!

Most workers in London work in jobs where they are providing a service rather than in other jobs where they manufacture (make) something, or take part in farming or fishing.

Did you know?

  • The number of jobs in London is projected to increase from 5,538,000 in 2015 to 6,748,000 in 2041. There are likely to be just over 45,000 extra jobs each year, adding up to over 1,200,000 more jobs in London by 2041. 
  • The job areas that are forecast to grow by 2041 are in some service sectors and in professional, management and administrative roles. It is predicted that over a third of all job increases will be in the professional, real estate, scientific and technical activities sectors. Information and communication, administrative and support service activities, and accommodation and food service activities are also expected to see large increases in employment numbers.
  • By 2041, over half of all jobs in London will be held by people holding an ordinary or higher degree. The proportion of jobs available to those without any qualifications is likely to fall to less than 3%. 
  • Just under half of all jobs in London are held by people holding an ordinary or higher degree.

Source:London Labour Market Projections – GLA Economics

For more details on labour market information and job predications, visit London.gov.uk

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