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Higher Education

During your visit to Skills London, you are going to able to talk to a range of colleges and universities about whether higher education is the right choice for YOU. If you have already made the decision to continue your learning after the age of 18 by doing a degree course, you will probably have dozens of question to ask the exhibitors! You will find them located in the Campus Zone. 

There is a huge range of courses and subjects to choose from – from general subjects for example maths, English or biology – to courses linked to a specific career for example teaching, dentistry or architecture. A good starting point for your research is the UCAS website which handles all full-time and many part-time courses. If you want to find out more about student finance or the help on offer to anyone with special circumstances (for example if you have additional needs) your first port of call should be the guide available on the Gov.uk website.

Apart from “traditional” 3 year courses taken at a university or college, there are other ways to achieve a degree level qualification. Your options may include taking BTEC courses at levels 4 and 5, Open University study or other distance learning – or even study abroad for all or part of your degree! And don’t forget the exciting opportunities offered to get higher level qualifications on a Higher Apprenticeship – for more information talk to the National Apprenticeship Service at Skills London.

You can also ask for help and advice from the National Careers Service who will have advisers at Skills London.

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